“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”


Been so lazy to blog....gosh~


But now I am back.

My intern was over....more than a week d.....And what I need to do now is preparing the report. I keep on fill up my time with other activities, such as tidying room, downloading songs, cleaning up my desktop and arranging the files in order....and blablabla~


Back to this post, it's all about how I ended my internship.

Supposedly, the interns need to thank the company for giving their the chances to learn and contribute. It's turn out different in TM Penang. Our supervisor, was so kind and organized a farewell party for us, with the heads and directorsn of sub-divisions too. Maybe he was about to conduct a raya treat for his department and he just combined our farewell along...:)


In the early morning, all the TM crews drove their vehicles to the meeting place.....Restaurant Kassim Mustafa. When I received the inviting email from my supervisor, I googled the restaurant and found out its official website is quite well designed and attractive. Seems like this mamak chain restaurant is conquering the nasi kandar in Penang....

For every events and ceremonies in Malaysia, waiting is a must do protocol.

And luckily we have the raya cookies which are in mangoesteen design....

The farewell treat still got ppl gave their words.

Well...One Malaysia!

In the end of the treat, we still got souvenirs...it's a Unic Pen~I was not sure whether we deserved such a gift as we din really contribute much. Ha!

Boss took the bill.

Lastly, we should thank him for the chances and guidance. Though we din get to spend much time with him, he still supervised us whole-heartedly.

So, we made this for him. :)

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I believe that everyone still remembers that AcaiBerryPill Spam in YM and MSN right?

->Click Here to View Larger Pic...

Now it's upgraded. I received a msg from unknown contact in YM and it can reply me automatically once I entered my words....Cool rite?

->Click Here to View Larger Pic...

Anyway, beware of it~ Don't get cheated!

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I wonder how to program the code...:)

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It's the last month of internship.

Well, in this tiny small penang island,

the MMU interns gather here to work at different locations, and of cuz, we do meet up as often as we can. Everytime we meet up, surely it's related to food. As you know, Penang, so called Food Paradise, does not being named accidentally. I think the food here leads to the gathering of interns in Penang.


Last few days, we met our long-time-no-see friend, let's welcome:

Terry the bear. (simply named de lar...ha)


I "googled" this that long dead YTM MCA xanga blogsite, thank god it's still existing. So this WAS the pic taken in year 2005, where everyone was looked so young, pure and naive. Now all polluted d. :)

[In the pic: Terry the bear, WeiLoon the balloon]

FOOD QUEST #1: T-Bowl, Queensbay Mall.

We had our dinner at this toilet themed restaurant in Queensbay Mall, which is T-Bowl.

Even the binding of the menu uses a toothbrush.

And you can see, the ice-creams shaped like shit.=.=

The interior design, the feeling of eating in bathroom.

You can take a bath here if you forgot.

Let's move to the food. The appearance of food and drinks all must be related to the theme. The choco nut dessert in pic below do look like so shitty, luckily the taste don't.

The grape milkshake looks like the indigested food and liquid content that you have vomitted.

This is the Seafood Fried Spaghetti, not much food from the sea though.

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